An exciting, interactive program!
"As a principal, you want the children to see assemblies that will enhance their learning and inspire them. Your assembly did just that." ~Principal, Lindeneau School, Edison

"Several teachers have told me you were the best author we have had at our school! "  ~Jaggard School PTA president, Marlton, NJ

"I've been to many author presentations over the
years and I have to say yours was the most fun and engaging." 
~ Reading Specialist, Sandshore School, Budd Lake
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  Virtual Author/School Visits via Skype available also!

~ASSEMBLY PROGRAMSEach assembly is tailored to the specific grade level(s).  "MEET YOUR INNER CREATIVE GENIUS": This dynamic assembly program emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, and determination, and includes discussion of the Four R's: Read, Research, 'Rite, Revise. CLICK HERE FOR PROGRAM DESCRIPTION

The assembly program promises to:
Motivate students to read, write and express themselves
Reinforce classroom instruction (compatible with Common Core)
Help students to approach revisions with a positive attitude
Demonstrate the rewards of perseverance
Have you laughing all the way through!

Additional Programs

~ WRITING & REVISION WORKSHOP (can combine with assembly sessions):  WRITING & REVISION RODEO!--"A bumpy but exciting ride!" Focuses on the creative process, detail, revision and integrating dialogue. Grades 3 and up.

NONFICTION READING, WRITING & RESEARCH: How to "zoom in" on a topic, research, find reliable sources, and interview your subjects. For grades 3-6.

"Fostering a Family Reading/Writing Culture": Enlightening and entertaining evening assembly that shows parents and children how to bring reading and writing into their every day lives in simple, fun ways--even for the reluctant readers and writers. Story building group exercize, demonstrating how we come up with ideas, characters, and details through "brainstorming."  

Special Author Visit programs for the very young; includes storytelling and/or book reading following age-appropriate presentation about making stories. Rachelle touches on the importance of curiosity, creativity, and  imagination. With a lively and often hysterical PowerPoint presentation, the author talks about how story ideas are born, and how even the youngest child can create a book.

~STORYTELLING programs for ages 2-7 : After a simple author talk, "MOTHER GOOF" will make story time come alive with interactive dramatics, story board, masks, puppets,and other props. 

~Classroom Guides and various activities related to Rachelle's books can be found by clicking on the specific book covers in the left column. You can also find a full sheet in the "preparing for your visit" link on the right.


This Connecticut school chose The Tooth Fairy Trap for their annual “One School, One Book” program. For more photos and projects, click HERE.
After reading The Tooth Fairy Trap, Dozens of K-2 students at a Connecticut school used their ingenious engineering skills to create their own fairy traps. They used cardboard boxes, Styrofoam take-out containers, Tupperware, and even empty water bottles. The fairies were baited with everything from flowers and candy, to a party, waterslide, and dreamy new home.
Budding Architects! 
Glenwood School students in Wildwood NJ built these amazing tree houses

Students draw pictures of their dream tree house, accompanied by an essay or story.
This Delaware school chose Tree House in a Storm as the basis for several projects.
 Life-size tree house was a
school-wide art project 

Since book is about a hurricane, they also raised over $1000 for Superstorm Sandy victims.

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