As soon as you book the program: 

ADVANCE BOOK ORDER FORM for Library/Classroom (click here): 

This is not the same as the student order form--it includes  some hard cover options not on the student form). 

Ordering some books in advance allows the librarian or teacher to familiarize the students with my work and perhaps work on some fun projects prior the program.
If you choose to order any books in advance for the school classrooms or libraries prior to the visit, please use this ADVANCE order form and email me with the number of each book.  These will be mailed to school prior to visit.
Total cost may be either paid in advance, paid as separate check the day of visit, OR added to students' total book order check. (Please don't combine with school visit fee).

Two or three weeks before the visit:


I will need a count for each book 2 days in advance (by email or phone) and will bring the books with me the day of the visit. The morning of the visit, I will collect the order forms and sign each book to the students.

Student Book Orders

  • Please send STUDENT order forms home at least two weeks before the visit. A reminder a few days prior is recommended. Make sure the form has been filled in with date of visit, date forms are due back (usually 2 days prior to visit, though I will bring extra books for those who turn their forms in late), and form of payment (either cash, or check made out to school or PTO--no personal checks from parents, please).
  • Call or email me a day or two before the visit and give an approximate student book order count so I will know how many of each to bring.
  • On the day of the visit, you may submit a single check for the books, made out to Rachelle Burk (For tax reasons, please do not combine this check with the program fee.)
  • Books will be provided and signed the day of the visit, with extra copies available to accommodate late orders. If orders come in after the visit, I can mail them to the school.