achelle writes both FICTION and NONFICTION for a wide range of reading levels—pre-K through grade 8.   This includes:
    picture books
    chapter books 
    a science-adventure novel

    She has written extensively for Scholastic Science World and Scholastic Super Science, and her work has also been published in Scholastic Scope, Highlights, and other national kids’ magazines.

    In her assembly program, she keep 'em laughing while learning! With 25 years as a children's entertainer and storyteller, she knows how to hold the attention of even the youngest students while discussing the craft of writing, the importance of reading, the need for research, revision, perseverance and confidence to succeed.

    Rachelle shares her journey to publication, reading bits from her rejection letters, and displaying her first "book"--a cardboard-and-scrap-paper masterpiece made in second grade over 50 years ago!

    In addition to her assembly program, she offers workshops with topics of:
    Nonfiction writing, research, and interviewing (grades 3-6)
    Creative writing and revision (grades 3-6)
    Interactive storytelling (preK-grade 1)
    Family Night Program (reduced fee when it follows a school day event).

    If you browse this website you will see that many schools have used creative and educational activities related to her books to get the students excited about the program. Her early chapter book, The Tooth Fairy Trap has inspired STEAM projects by several schools: as part of their "One School, One Book" programs, the students designed and created their own fairy traps! (download classroom guides and project ideas by clicking the book covers on the website.) 

    Please email Rachelleburk@gmail.com for fees or to book a date.

    Rachelle is published in multiple genres:

    She offers something for everyone! 
    Books for grades Pre-K through 7:
    icture books, chapter books, a middle grade novel,

    and children's SCIENCE magazines.

    Rachelle knows how to gently guide and encourage new writers in the important task of REVISION. She served for several years as "guest critiquer/editor" for middle and high school writers in an annual North Jersey school district arts festival, and teaches revisions and essay writing to elementary and middle schoolers.

    Rachelle has been a SCIENCE WRITER for Scholastic Science World classroom magazine, and knows how to stress the importance of RESEARCH.
    Rachelle can speak with authority on the topic of CURIOSITY as a vital component for creativity and good writing. After all, she has: been stung by a stingray, explored caves, jumped out a plane, visited the Arctic Circle, dived with sharks, tasted live termites, hiked in tropical rain forests of South America, slept in a dirt-floor cottage in Vietnam, resuscitated the almost-dead, cuddled with a tiger, bathed an elephant, and visited the ocean floor over 100 feet deep...

    Rachelle guarantees that her educational program is also very ENTERTAINING
    She has 23 years of experience as a clown and storyteller
    Performing as "Tickles the Clown"

    Storytelling as "Mother Goof"

    REALLY, REALLY loves animals!

    Member of her local Rescue Squad


    Always willing to help out 
    Makes friends with many different kinds of people

    She was once sketched by Dr. Seuss
    (Okay. that's a lie. But she did pose in front of this
    cool photo of him painting.)