• Rachelle writes (and is published) in multiple genres: FICTION~NONFICTION~POETRY
  • Rachelle's 21 years of experience as a children's entertainer (even preceding her writing career) guarantees that her educational program is also very ENTERTAINING!
  • Rachelle has served for several years as "guest critiquer" for middle and high school writers in an annual North Jersey school district arts festival, and knows how to gently guide and encourage new writers in the important task of REVISION.
  • Rachelle is a writing mentor/editor for other children's writers,providing a critique service and an award-winning WRITING RESOURCES WEBSITE
  • Rachelle is a SCIENCE WRITER for Scholastic Science World classroom magazine, and knows how to stress the importance of RESEARCH.
  • Rachelle has been stung by a stingray, jumped out a plane, tasted live termites, hiked in tropical rainforests of South America, slept in a dirt-floor cottage in Vietnam, resuscitated the almost-dead, cuddled with a tiger, bathed an elephant, and visited the ocean floor 100 feet deep...so can speak with authority on the topic of CURIOSITY as a vital component for creativity and good writing. 
Safe Kids Injury Prevention Coalition Recognition Award 2013
East Brunswick Rescue Squad

Storytelling as "Mother Goof"
Performing as "Tickles"
Found a baby bat in the jungle

Discovering a hummingbird nest

bonding with kitty
Caring for "my" elephant in Thailand

Feeding a 'gator (not smart)

Exploring beneath the sea

Making friends in the jungle of Panama
Helping out in Vietnam